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We're crowdfunding to cover part of the costs of producing issue 2 of ALBORADA mag. The magazine will be launched on Saturday 7 November, so from now until then we're looking for your support to reach out target of £2000. See below for an update of how much we have raised


Colombia: The Path to Peace (Mariela Kohon/Alborada Magazine)

[Key protagonists in Northern Ireland’s peace process have accompanied recent efforts to bring an end to the armed conflict in Colombia. There is now real hope that peace lies on the horizon and that the conflict’s root causes can be resolved. Mariela Kohon writes.]


Alborada Magazine on Latin American Politics and Culture (Issue 1)



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Strait Talking (Carlos Martinez/Alborada Magazine)

[Whatever the public face of improved Cuba-US relations may be, US imperialism wilt retreat from its basic position of hostility towards the island, writes Carlos Martinez.]


The Esmeralda, the Chilean Navy Ship with a Dark Past Visits Britain (Robbie Wilson/

[The death on 7 August of the former chief of General Pinochet’s DINA secret police, Manuel Contreras, prompted celebrations outside the Santiago military hospital in which he passed away and across Chile. Contreras’ death once again brought into the international spotlight the painful legacy of Pinochet's 17-year military rule. In the midst of renewed interest in the dictatorship’s human rights violations, the scheduled arrival of the Esmeralda, a Chilean naval ship with a dark past, to Britain on the 26 August seems ill judged.]


Book Review - A World to Build: New Paths Toward Twenty-first Century Socialism by Marta Harnecker (Derek Wall/Alborada Magazine)

A World to Build: new paths toward twenty-first century socialism
Marta Harnecker
Monthly Review Press, 2015
Reviewed by Derek Wall - Alborada Magazine (Issue 1 - Spring/Summer 2015)

The 2008/9 financial crisis was triggered by corrupt banks and unsustainable capitalism but has been used as an excuse for austerity, making the poorest pay for a catastrophe created by the rich and powerful. The balance of class forces seems to favour an elite, and in most of the world the Left has been in retreat since the 1980s. In her new book, A World to Build: new paths toward twenty-first century socialism, Marta Harnecker, a Chilean political theorist and social thinker, asks us to debate how we can create a new socialism, using the phrase popularised by the late Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez: ’21st-century socialism.’


Singing Truth to Power (T.M. Scruggs/Alborada Magazine)

[The great Argentinian folk singer Mercedes Sosa, who died in 2009, would have been 80 in July. T.M. Scruggs explores the legacy of an artist hailed as ‘the voice of Latin America’.]


Documentaries about Latin America at Sheffield’s 22nd Documentary Film Festival 2015 (Kate Clark/

[Sheffield’s 22nd Documentary Film Festival, held in June 2015, showed over 150 documentaries, including some from Latin America.]


Pinochet's Press Gang (Nick MacWilliam/Alborada Magazine)

[Want to know how much media ownership matters? Just look at Chile. Nick MacWilliam reports on a probing documentary into the El Mercurio media group.]


Venezuela: Maduro and the Market (Steve Ellner/Alborada Magazine)

[With the recent plunge in oil prices and radicalised opposition forces, can President Maduro keep the Bolivarian revolution on track? Steve Ellner writes. Click here to read a Spanish translation of the article.]

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