Documentary: Calle 13 - Sin Mapa (English Subtitles)

Latinamericanism (Emir Sader)

[It's as is the Europeans had invented a Latin America for their own use. This has impeded and continues to impede them from knowing the real Latin America. This applies as much for traditional thinking as for the left, whatever its profile.]

Music Video: Ana Tijoux - Somos Sur (feat Shadia Mansour)

[Below the video from ‘Somos Sur’, the second single from the new album by Chilean singer/rapper Anita Tijoux. "'Somos Sur' is about the importance of resistance, not only in Chile, but around the world," Tijoux tells Rolling Stone. "Global resistance movements, whether in Latin America, Africa or the Middle East, are fighting against the same patterns of violence that have repeated themselves throughout history. Which means many of these groups share a similar set of demands. We are asking for a free Palestine just like we’re asking for an independent Wallmapu [the Mapuche ancestral territories in southern Chile and Argentina] in Chile, without police control."]

Alborada e-news: June 2014


We hope you are all well. Our June e-news will inform you about our activities, as well as the latest information related to Latin America.

::: Alborada e-news content:

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3. Other Latin America Related Information

Alborada Football T-shirts

To mark the forthcoming World Cup in Brazil we are releasing T-shirts of two celebrated World Cup figures. Socrates led Brazil to the quarterfinal stages of the 1982 World Cup. In the same year he won the league championship with Corinthians with "Democracia" printed on the back as a protest against Brazil's military junta. Maradona is best known for his performance for Argentina in the 1986 World Cup. His two goals in the quarterfinal against England in particular became a symbol of colonial defiance coming just 3 years after the Falklands War ('Guerra de las Las Malvinas'). Emphasising his country's refusal to be brow beaten by larger imperial nations, at a political rally in 2005 he insisted "La Argentina es digna" (Argentina has dignity).

1)Alborada 'Socrates' T-shirt

The 2014 World Cup: Prosperity for FIFA Means Pain for Brazil (Nayana Fernandez/

[Next week the FIFA World Cup tournament starts in Brazil and many Brazilians don't seem to be very happy about the world biggest football carnival coming to town.]

Venezuela's Violent Anti-Government Protests: An Interview with Matt Willgress (Pablo Navarrete/

[Matt Willgress, coordinator of the UK-based
Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC), is interviewed by Pablo Navarrete's about the current political violence in Venezuela, how it has been covered in the British media and what can be done to show solidarity with Venezuela.]

Irish Documentary Premiere: The Colombia Connection (Tuesday 29 April/Dublin, Ireland)

::: The Colombia Connection (Director’s Cut)
(Director: Pablo Navarrete, Alborada Films, 2013, 76 minutes)

'The Colombia Connection', explores Colombia's armed and social conflict and the historic role played by the US government in the conflict.

The Colombia Connection (Documentary Trailer) from Alborada Films on Vimeo.

Radio Show: Capidura - Music and Brazil's 1964 Coup (Caipirinha Appreciation Society)

[March 31st 2014 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Brazilian coup of 1964 which started the wave of repression that cast a dark and cruel shadow over Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile during the following decades. In light of this the Caipirinha Appreciation Society brings back this classic episode of their radio show, celebrating the music that helped Brazilians hope for better days.]

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