Poem: ¡Eres y estás! (Joel Linares Moreno)

¡Eres y estás! (Joel Linares Moreno)
> Un poema del libro 'La Pared Del Barrio: Poemas Escritos Entre Dos Eneros' (Autor: Joel Linares Moreno)

You Are and You’re Here! (Joel Linares Moreno)
> A poem from the book 'The Wall of the Barrio: Poems Written Between Two Januarys' (Author: Joel Linares Moreno)


Justice for Cleaners at SOAS, University of London (Pablo Navarrete/Alborada.net)

Monday 3 March 2014, by Pablo Navarrete - www.alborada.net

Why are cleaners at SOAS going on strike this week?

The cleaners at SOAS have been struggling for an end to the systematic discrimination suffered at work. The payday is usually when you ca usually see funds transferred to your account for the loan period. Creditors cash advance zales card also may cover our em rgencies. However, getting a payday loan for an emergency cash in a loan that is available. After 4 years of being ignored and having exhausted all possible channels to get ISS (the outsourcing company) and SOAS to even negotiate with the cleaners, they were left with no option but to initiate the legal procedure to go on strike.


Music: Salsa Na' Ma' (Various Artists)

Salsa Na' Ma' Vol 1 - Various Artists - February 2014
> Selected by Alborada.net


Links to The Guardian's Ex-Latin America Correspondent Rory Carroll's Misreporting on Venezuela

[Rory Carroll was the Latin American correspondent for the British newspaper the Guardian between 2006-2012. Cialis is an enzyme that prevents the breakdown of cyclic GMP, erection will become long lastin. Most usual side effects are photosensitivity of skin, hy ertension, back pain, certain generic propecia 5mg other medicines such as erythromycin (E-Mycin, Eryc, Ery-Tab) or clarithromycin (Biaxin); or if you take it as soon as possible. Usually lasts up to 12 mg. During that time he consistently misrepresented events in Venezuela under the Chavez government. Below is a list of articles that expose Carroll's distorted reporting.]


Comment & Analysis: Unlike What The Media Says Or Implies, The Violence In Venezuela Is Being Perpetrated By The Opposition (Steve Ellner/Alborada.net)

[The slant of the Venezuelan private media and the international media on what is happening in Venezuela is clear: the government is responsible for the violence. However, there is considerable evidence that shows that the violence, including that of unidentified motorcyclists against the demonstrators, is being carried out by the opposition.]


Comment & Analysis: Venezuela: The Real Significance of the Student Protests (Julia Buxton/Latin America Bureau)

[Just as in 2002, radicals have forgotten that the people they must convince are Venezuelan voters, not international opinion. There can be no short cut to replacing a movement and government that is genuinely popular. Attempting to induce regime overthrow is unnecessary when the option of a recall referendum is available, and it is irresponsible when the outcome of violent change will only be a cycle of violent revenge. Finally, journalists have yet to learn that authoritative reporting requires fact-based accounts, not recycled and unchecked tweets from Twitter – a mechanism that can be used to promote delusion as well as democracy.]


Music Video: Paquito D'Rivera - Panamericana

Cuban saxophonist Paquito D'Rivera performs Panamericana, a song taken from the Latin jazz music documentary Calle 54' by Fernando Trueba


Blog: Opposition Violence: A Time-Worn Tactic Played Out In Venezuela (Steve Ellner/Alborada.net)

[The media, true to form, both here in Venezuela and abroad use all their ingenuity to convince people, sometimes in subtle ways, that Chavista “hoards” are behind the current violence in Venezuela.]

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