Venezuela's Violent Anti-Government Protests: An Interview with Matt Willgress (Pablo Navarrete/

[Matt Willgress, coordinator of the UK-based
Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC), is interviewed by Pablo Navarrete's about the current political violence in Venezuela, how it has been covered in the British media and what can be done to show solidarity with Venezuela.]


Irish Documentary Premiere: The Colombia Connection (Tuesday 29 April/Dublin, Ireland)

::: The Colombia Connection (Director’s Cut)
(Director: Pablo Navarrete, Alborada Films, 2013, 76 minutes)

'The Colombia Connection', explores Colombia's armed and social conflict and the historic role played by the US government in the conflict.

The Colombia Connection (Documentary Trailer) from Alborada Films on Vimeo.


Radio Show: Capidura - Music and Brazil's 1964 Coup (Caipirinha Appreciation Society)

[March 31st 2014 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the Brazilian coup of 1964 which started the wave of repression that cast a dark and cruel shadow over Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile during the following decades. In light of this the Caipirinha Appreciation Society brings back this classic episode of their radio show, celebrating the music that helped Brazilians hope for better days.]


Alborada Films Brazil Special! Documentary, Live Music and DJs (Thursday 8 May, London, UK)

From 5pm-midnight in the bar area the Alborada DJ collective* will be playing ancient to future Latin American beats + guest DJ Mr Mogambo (Subsonic Routes)

++ @9.30pm live Brazilian music from Jonathan Preiss and Juliano Fiori playing samba de raiz, MPB and chorinho.

Photo: Jonathan Preiss and Juliano Fiori will play a free concert of Brazilian music at the Alborada Films night at the Forge Music and Arts Venue on Thursday 8 May. The evening will also include a documentary screening and DJs.<br />
More info here:

*Sadly Jonathan cannot now make it tomorrow but we are delighted that fantastic Brazilian guitarist Luis Morais will be joining Juliano. Click here to see a video of Luis performing.


+++ Taking place in the screening room (7-8.30pm):

Ginga: The Soul of Brazilian Football
(Director: Marcelo Machado, 80 mins, 2014)


Music Video: Yuri Betancourt - Los Aviones (Original Song by Andrés Calamaro)

UK-based Chilean musician Yuri Betancourt performs
Andrés Calamaro's song 'Los Aviones'.

Yuri performed a special solo set at the Alborada Films Spring Social on Tuesday 25 March in Camden, London - more info:

Yuri Betancourt - Los Aviones (Original Song by Andrés Calamaro) from Alborada Films on Vimeo.


The Strategy Of Venezuela's Opposition And How It Works (Steve Ellner/

[The Venezuelan opposition’s strategy is either to create conditions that may set off a coup (which is highly unlikely given the military’s well demonstrated loyalty) or (much more likely) bring about a wearing out of the process in which in the next electoral cycle the average voter supports opposition candidates who distance themselves from the violence allegedly coming from both sides.]


Alborada e-news: March 2014


We hope you are all well. Our March e-news will inform you about our activities, as well as the latest information related to Latin America.

::: Alborada e-news content:

1. Alborada News & Events

2. Alborada Competitions

3. Other Latin America Related Information


Music Video: Calle 13 - Adentro


Poem: ¡Eres y estás! (Joel Linares Moreno)

¡Eres y estás! (Joel Linares Moreno)
> Un poema del libro 'La Pared Del Barrio: Poemas Escritos Entre Dos Eneros' (Autor: Joel Linares Moreno)

You Are and You’re Here! (Joel Linares Moreno)
> A poem from the book 'The Wall of the Barrio: Poems Written Between Two Januarys' (Author: Joel Linares Moreno)


Justice for Cleaners at SOAS, University of London (Pablo Navarrete/

Monday 3 March 2014, by Pablo Navarrete -

Why are cleaners at SOAS going on strike this week?

The cleaners at SOAS have been struggling for an end to the systematic discrimination suffered at work. After 4 years of being ignored and having exhausted all possible channels to get ISS (the outsourcing company) and SOAS to even negotiate with the cleaners, they were left with no option but to initiate the legal procedure to go on strike.

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