Roberto Navarrete

Roberto Navarrete is the director of the documentary 'Chile's Student Uprising' on the Chilean student movement and their demands for a free education system. He is an editor at, a website covering issues such as politics, media and culture in Latin America. He is the executive producer of the feature-length documentary ‘Inside the Revolution: A Journey Into the Heart of Venezuela' (Alborada Films, 2009) and has spoken about the film and contemporary Latin American politics following screenings in a number of countries including Ireland, India, Chile, Bolivia and Paraguay. He is a producer of the feature length documentary on US-Colombia relations 'The Colombia Connection'. Interviews with him and articles by him on contemporary Chilean and Latin American politics have appeared in publications such as 'International Business Times' and ‘Red Pepper’ magazine, and he has spoken about these issues for media outlets such as ‘Al Jazeera English’ and the 'BBC'.

Email: roberto[at]alborada[dot]net