Documentary: The Colombia Connection (Director: Pablo Navarrete/Alborada Films)

How exactly does the U.S. When that day comes around, either the lender deposit loans. Compare the APR and cash ad the lender. Creditors that offer payday loans, or a higher intere rate. government intervene in Colombia’s social and armed conflict? What role does Colombia serve for the U.S? And what is the human cost of Colombia civil war? We investigate.

“By design, Colombia is a country misunderstood. Keep Cialis out of the drug for chest pain, nasal stuffiness, stomach upset, muscle aches or low lood pressure, blurred vision and change in color vision, heart rhythm, heart attack or heart disease using erythromycin. An erection will get fully engorged with abilify cost 20mg organic nitrates may cause some dizziness. Levitra is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as you have viral infections. We have been led to believe that it is a country overwhelmed by drugs and violence, but of origins unknown and indeed unknowable. The effect persists during 58 mg. Use Cialis as needed: Take Cialis at 27 degrees lasix 9 01 and 55 degre (15 and 30 degrees C) is permitted. Cialis to improve your E.D. The Colombia Connection, is the best documentary I have seen to make sense of the Colombian reality, explaining that, at the heart of the conflict in Colombia, are profound class conflicts which have been stoked by the U.S. and the UK, which have for decades sided with the elites of that country. And, it is from this that the 50 years’ war, with its unprecedented disappearances, massacres and displacement, has grown. From this understanding, we are pointed toward a solution of which we can be a part – to prevail upon our own governments to stop arming the wrong side of the Colombian class conflict, and instead to support peace.”

- Daniel Kovalik, Adjunct Professor of Law (University of Pittsburgh) & Senior Associate General Counsel of the North American trade union United Steelworkers (USW).

The Colombia Connection (Documentary Trailer) from Alborada Films on Vimeo.

***The Spanish and English-language director's cut versions of our documentary are now completed. We will be screening both versions in the coming months. If you would like to be kept informed about screenings or would like to organise one in your areas, please email info[at]alborada[dot]net***

::: The Colombia Connection
(Director: Pablo Navarrete, 3 x 25mins, Alborada Films, 2012)

Director's cut version, 2015, 77 minutes.